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The 2010s have seen the rise in popularity of the internet influencer. There are now thousands of people making a career out of social media, living lives that seem picture-perfect and free from the restraints of a 9–5 (Abidin, 2018). Whilst this idealistic self-representation of their lives garners social issues, this seems like a dream job, resulting in an oversaturated market.

So how does one stand out from the crowd? And how do brands select which influencers to work with?

Brands typically choose who they want to work with based on numbers- ‘The market value of an Influencer is usually…

As discussed in my previous posts, there is a cross-section where internet celebrity meets traditional media. Crystal Abidin dedicates a chapter to this in her book ‘Internet Celebrity’ (2018). She discusses different common types of internet celebrity and how they create a presence both online and in mainstream media.

Abidin classifies ‘eyewitness viral stars’ (Abidin, 2018, pg. 38) as interviewees of television news who gain overnight fame from comical phrases or pulling a humorous facial expression. An example discussed in the book is Sweet Brown or, more widely known as the ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ woman. She…

Happy Monday readers!

For those of you who didn’t catch my previous post, I am writing a series of blogs to critically discuss Crystal Abidin’s book, ‘Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online’.

In this post I am going to discuss Abidin’s line of argument about the traits that make a successful influencer, whilst drawing on some examples that I have seen on my travels across the web in the past few years.

Abidin argues that celebrities are praised for ‘exclusivity, exoticism, exceptionalism and everydayness’ (Abidin, 2018, pg. 19). …

This will be my first post in a series that will critically discuss the 2018 book by Crystal Abidin, ‘Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online’. Under ‘web 2.0’ (O’Reilly, 2009), anyone can post content on YouTube, Instagram and other social networks and generate an audience, thus becoming an influencer.

So, what are influencers, anyways?

Although many of us will only think of the ‘influencer’ and the internet celebrity under an Anglocentric lens, Japan and more notably, China also has these sorts of celebrities. They call them ‘wanghong’, meaning ‘red on the internet’. Abidin describes these influencers as ordinary people with no…


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